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The ca ¦ blog is the small communication center for customers and interested parties. It is the landing site for our newsletters and interface for our appearances on various social media platforms. Glad you're here!

We report here in loose succession about own products like the ca ¦ smartSHOP 3.0, about development approximately around the topic web-to-print, in addition, each quantity tips and experiences from the world of the e-commerce, as well as newest developments from the world of print pass on.

The ca ¦ blog is a communicative and dialogue-friendly supplement to our website, which you can reach here: Color Alliance Website

The history of Color Alliance and current achievements

Color Alliance GmbH (CA), based in Schloß Holte - Stukenbrock, Westphalia, now focuses on the development and distribution of web-to-print software. We offer solutions for individual online print shops for printers of all sizes. The specialists in our team bring practical experience from the areas of color management, digital large format printing and offset printing and are happy to assist all customers and partners in word and deed.

Color Alliance is the result of a cooperation between print media and software manufacturers whose goal is to standardize and simplify large format digital inkjet printing. The idea was based on standardized coatings for a wide variety of print media. With the numerous CA-certified print media, the consistent color quality of digital prints can be ensured. Production is simplified and the number of color profiles drastically reduced.


In line with market developments, the focus of Color Alliance has shifted over time. Web-to-print software was already an important topic at the beginning of the cooperation in order to optimize printing processes and has become increasingly important.

The CA started with the Web2Print ultimate software, a comprehensive workflow solution with rights assignment, production control and open and closed shop options. In addition to this comprehensive project solution, mainly for major customers, the CA also wanted to develop a solution for the "printing company next door". With the ca ¦ smartSHOP and the ca ¦ smartEDITOR it has been possible to offer even smaller print service providers from various areas an affordable product with which they can quickly enter the online print business.

Color Alliance is now focusing on the continuous improvement of the web-to-print solution for users. The wishes and needs of customers are the focus of the CA and serve as the basis for any further software development.

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