web2pack – Individualized packaging

The demand for customizable packaging is constantly increasing. There is a clear trend towards shorter runs in a wide variety of formats.

Bernd Zipper, author of beyond-print, writes: „Online packaging print is now similar to other print segments – the key requirements (apart from high-quality output) are short delivery lead times, practical browser visualization options and low minimum print run quantities in particular. The demands on webstores in the packaging segment are also clearly defined.“

With ca¦smartEDITOR, the heart of our solution, you can more than meet these demands. For this purpose we offer libraries of the ECMA and FEFCO standards, which can be designed variably by entering dimensions. The print image is visualized in 2D as well as in 3D. With the help of our ca¦watchAPP, the individual packaging can also be displayed in the desired environment.

 „Be it primary or shipping packaging – nearly every (orderable) products has some form of packaging. All the better if packaging can be designed and produced in line with personal preferences or corporate design guidelines.“- Bernd Zipper

Take your chance now and respond to the individual wishes of your customers. We will be happy to support you.

More about web2pack with Color Alliance can be found on our homepage.

The entire article "Web-to-Packaging: Customizable packaging - what does the D/A/CH online printing market have to offer" by Bernd Zipper can be found on beyond-print.de.