Individual interior design: only a few clicks away thanks to Color Alliance

Story-Telling by Michelle Kapsa Color Alliance

Last week I was out shopping for his new apartment with my friend Max. We had good ideas and a clear concept for the missing sofa cushions and lampshades but could not find anything suitable.

This gave Max - for 3 years an independent print service provider with a moderately good running online shop for stickers - an interesting idea: „Why can't I actually design and buy my furnishings individually according to my ideas?“

I liked the idea immediately, so I suggested to him to expand his product range and offer exactly that: „Give your customers the opportunity to be an interior designer. Offer them to design their lampshades and cushions themselves. Today there are online editors where your customers can design their products according to their own wishes without being graphics or product specialists. Designers, configurators and editors have become an integral part of modern web-based communication. Customers can also see online what they are ordering. So they have a visual idea of what you're getting delivered.“

Max was enthusiastic: „Where can I get such a shop system with online editor, which supports me and helps me to bring these products to the market?“

„Color Alliance GmbH (CA) offers you exactly such a product. It also supports you from the idea to the complete implementation. CA helps you succeed and promises to help you to get a little bit better every day. Improving communication with your customers is a priority for the CA.“

Max was still a little sceptical. He did not want to buy a product, which he neither saw nor has any idea of how this is technically implemented. I could understand his concerns, so I tried to explain to him what technical possibilities he has at Color Alliance.

„First of all you can make an appointment for a free, non-binding online demo. There you will be shown and explained the shop and you can ask your questions regarding technical and commercial handling in advance. Color Alliance has been working in the industry for many years and has established itself there. It supports you as an industry participant with its solution in the communication and sale of customizable products. The graphic contents can come from the connected sample databases, be individually designed or uploaded. Production data for digital printing is then generated from the graphics created. In addition, the CA solution also includes the complete commercial processing of your orders, including invoicing and organization of payment processes. At Color Alliance you don't talk to a call centre, but to real people who listen to your problems and questions and find solutions together with you. The direct connection to their customers is important to them, in order to be able to respond to the individual needs of each one.“

Max was convinced. He decided to contact Color Alliance the very next day and tell them about his intention to take off in interior design.

I'm looking forward to making my apartment even more individual, thanks to Max and Color Alliance.

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