ca ¦ multishops - manage different online shops with one click

Different products often require different presentations to reach the respective target group. This is especially true on the Internet.

Nevertheless, it is usually too complex to design a separate shop for each product, as the administration would be very complex and confusing.

With a multishop module it is possible for shop operators to manage several shops via one backend.

In concrete terms: If a shop operator offers for example banners, flags and display systems in his shop, he can also design, create and manage 3 different online shops for these three product groups. Not only the domains can be different, also the design can differ significantly from the other shops.

The decisive advantage of multishops over individual shops: The shop operator does not have to visit different backends to get an overview of his shops. He can switch between the individual shops via a button in the single backend and manage and design them according to his wishes.
Color Alliance GmbH (CA) offers such a multishop module for online shop operators.

Take your chance and get into the online business, maybe a multishop solution is also worthwhile for you.

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