New editor features for packaging printing

Thanks to new technologies, the ca ¦ smartEDITOR is becoming more and more innovative. We are constantly developing the editor of Color Alliance to make it easier for you and your customers to design your products.

A new feature of the Color Alliance is the automatic alignment of objects in the editor with the help of magnetic lines.


Previously, the editor displayed guides with the grid function to align images or objects with the object to be designed.


With the new feature - the magnetic lines -  the objects can be placed almost automatically the desired position. With the help of magnetic lines, the image or object that your customer wants to place on the product is automatically positioned on the lines or centered on the product. This is possible on all sides of the product.


With the additional "ruler" function, even the distances to the edges can be displayed.

The dimensions adapt as soon as you move the image, text etc.

 ruler function


Another feature is the extended 3D preview.


Before your customer orders a designed product, he has the possibility to view it in a 3D preview at any time during the design process.


Your customer can not only view his packaging from all sides, as was already possible with the 3D preview, but now also has the possibility to open and close his packaging automatically animated.

animated packaging


He can not only look at his packaging as a whole, but can also take a close look at every single side of his packaging and can also see the inside. This is especially useful if the packaging contains not only a pattern but an image or logo. Before the customer orders the packaging, he can see whether it meets his expectations and whether the logo or image has been placed in the desired position. He also has a permanent overview of how exactly the packaging looks and is folded.

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