Right of withdrawal for individual print products?

Maybe you know the problem, a customer orders an individual banner or an individually designed T-shirt and cancels shortly after ordering.

But how exactly does this look legally? As an online print provider, do I have the option of refusing this cancellation or do I have to accept it?

How does it work if the print job is already running?

An answer to these questions was given very recently by the Higher Regional Court.

„It does not matter whether production has already begun or not, because individually designed products are not an exception, after which the right of withdrawal only exists and then expires. This is a standard for which there is no right of revocation from the outset“.

In concrete terms: this means that the right of withdrawal does not depend on the progress of production, but depends exclusively on the type of contract in question.

Whether you as an online print provider act according to this legal basis is up to you. However, according to the legal decision, you may refuse a cancellation and send the customer his goods properly and invoice them.

As early as 2017, there were several relevant legal rulings concerning online printers. These rulings and legal changes will not go unnoticed in 2018 either.

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